What we do

Insect breeding is the heart of our business. Why?

Thanks to them, we strive to offer a reasoned solution for food sovereignty.

  • We use agricultural and food waste to feed our insects.
  • These become an effective source of protein for human and animal nutrition.
  • They produce a high-quality manure: Frass. This manure is then used to grow plants, fruit and vegetables that respect our soil.
  • Crops and our food inevitably produce waste, which in turn is used to feed insects.

We’ve come full circle!

Who we are

The company’s mission is to efficiently and consistently produce a large volume of quality larvae for processing companies for human or animal consumption, derived from the reclamation of residual materials. At Ferme des Blés d’Or, we are committed to respecting our three core values in our business decisions: environmental protection, innovation and family.

Our vision is to be a model family farm with a low ecological footprint and high productivity.

Why are insects an interesting source of protein?

Apart from the fact that they are fed by waste, insects are champions at producing protein.

Compared to other protein sources, they use very few resources:

  • Low space requirements.
  • Low CO2 emissions.
  • Very low water consumption.
  • Very low protein requirements.

They can be a good source of protein for our livestock (fish and chickens in particular), for our pets (dogs, cats and chickens), but also for us humans. 2 billion people already eat it!

Why use natural fertilizer?

Natural fertilizers encourage the development of bacteria that fix the various nutrients your plants need in the soil. These elements are thus available to your plants for many weeks. These bacteria then transfer them to the lower layers of the soil, as close as possible to the roots. Nature is well done!

Why Frass?

Frass is a well-balanced natural fertilizer, with a relatively high NPK content, whereas many natural fertilizers have an element that is absent or negligible. Frass can provide plants with all the elements they need. Nitrogen (N) is essential for plant growth, and is useful from spring onwards. Phosphorus (P) ensures good root, leaf and flower development, while potassium (K) is useful for water management. It contributes to disease and drought resistance, as well as to good fruit development.

As these elements are fixed to the soil by the bacteria growing around the Frass, they will be available for every stage of the plant’s growth.

What’s more, Frass contains chitin, whereas other fertilizers do not. This biopolymer activates plant defense systems and promotes good plant health.